My work involves processes that transform materials, quite often plywood and paint, into objects that combine the beauty and order that I mine from our natural world. I edit, simplify, and bring out the essential elements from the everyday observation of nature. I abstract and synthesize these shapes, colors, repetitions, and motions into physical pieces that can become both visually exciting and contemplative through this transformative process. The wealth of geometric occurrence in nature provides a vast library of forms to work with.

A resolve to minimize both physically and conceptually this transformative process drive the visual strength of a piece to only the most essential elements.

The physicality in the creation of the piece, whether shaping three dimensionally, painting, causing motion of a kinetic piece, is in itself one of my primary motivations for creating work. Arrival at the end of the processes with a piece that now exists only because of this mental and physical challenge actually occurring is deeply satisfying and motivates me to continue the search for beauty.