My exploration of sculptural forms over the past ten or so years has revolved mainly around two concepts. One of those is experimenting with modules or pieces that are repeated next to each other and allowed to grow, usually vertically but occasionally in other directions. Creating the initial shape is a conscious choice that I hope will have an interesting out come, but the growth that occurs as the pieces are assembled is what becomes exciting. This is very similar to the way that nature creates so much of what intrigues us whether it is a plant, an animal, another human, or an ice or rock formation.

The other concept that I spend a lot of time with is motion. This is of course one of the forces that humans are always noticing and interested in. The movement of air and water in a within clear tubing system can have some surprising results which makes me want to continue my exploration in that area. Air movement affecting a lightweight sculpture is another area that I have so far only touched on but I also find compelling.

The outdoor sculptures that I have worked on have had a fundamental relationship with the surroundings. Both in how the sculpture integrates with the area and how it makes a strong enough visual statement to call attention to itself. Many of the ideas that I work with can be approached from making the piece for either outdoor or indoor or sometimes both. How a piece works in its environment is part of the challenge in trying to create a successful piece.

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